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This USB contains all of the Presentations and submitted Technical Papers from the Inaugural SIA Submarine Science, Technology and Engineering Conference held in Adelaide, SA 8-10 November 2011.
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This was the inaugural Submarine Science, Technology and Engineering Conference conducted by the SIA  in the series of Biennial Conference and was held in Adelaide, SA on 8-10 November 2011.

The Conference was opened by the Premier of South Australia, the Hon Jay Weatherill, MP and attracted an distinguished array of speakers from the public and private sectors around the world.

With a theme of 'The Future Submarine - Australia's Science, Technology and Engineering Challenge of the 21st Century', the conference marked the first time that the Institute had focussed on technical matters.  Copies of the Proceedings (containing all the technical papers refereed by a Technical Committee endorsed by Engineers Australia) are available as a separate item.


Day 1 - Science and Technology

Session 1 - Speakers from Defence Science & Technology Organisation (DSTO and Defence & Systems Institute (DASI)

Trends in Autonomous Underwater Vehicles:  Professor Anthony Finn - DASI

The Requirements for Defence S&T in the FSM Program:   Dr David Kershaw - Research Leader, Submarines, DSTO

Submarine Support - Lessons Learned the Hard Way:   Mr Jock Thornton - DASI

Systems Engineering - the Key to Successful Submarine Building:  Professor Stephen Cook - DASI

Test & Evaluation and Trials Management - Timing is Everything Dr Vivian Crouch - DASI

Networked Subsea Communications - MASQ - Developments, Applications, Results:   Mr Alessandrio Ghiotto - Senior Analyst, L-3 Communications Nautronix Ltd

Designing and Building Australia's Future Submarine:   Mr Jim Duncan - Representing ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems

Session 2 - Academia and Industry

Recent Developments in Submarine Vibration Isolation and Noise Control:   Dr Carl Howard - University of Adelaide School of Mechanical Engineering

Developments in Compression Ignition Engines:   Dr Manfred Zockel - University of Adelaide School of Mechanical Engineering

Experimental and Computational Investigation into the Hydrodynamics of Conventional Submarines:   Professor Dev Ranmuthugala - Australian Maritime College (AMC), Launceston, Tas

Submarine Energy and Propulsion Considerations:   Mr David Williams - Engineer, Deep Blue Tech Pty Ltd

Passive Target Motion Analysis from Bearings and Multipath Time Delay Measurements:   Ms Laleh Badriasl - PhD Student, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of SA

Day 2 - Plenary Session

Session 3 - Keynote Addresses

Welcome to South Australia - the Defence State and Opening Address:   The Hon Jay Weatherill, MP - Premier of South Australia

Early Lessons from the UK Successor SSBN Programme:   RADM Steve Lloyd, MSc, CEng, MIMarEST, RN - Chief, Strategic Systems Executive (UK)

The Challenges for Australia in undertaking the Future Submarine (FSM) Program:   RADM Rowan Moffitt AO RAN - Head FSM Program

The Future Submarine as a Nation-Building Activity:   Mr Stephen Ludlam - Chief Executive Officer, ASC Pty Ltd

Launch of the Submarine Centenary Program and Logo:   Mr Peter Horobin and CDRE Steve Davies, RANR

Session 4 - R&D and Engineering Workforce Planning

Future Submarine - The Implications for Australian R&D:   RADM Peter Briggs AO, CSC, RAN Rtd - Chairman, Defence Science Institute Advisory Board of the University of Melbourne

Developing and Sustaining Engineering Talent for large capital Naval Projects:   Mr Jeff Owen - Director - Future Business - Marine & Technology Division, Babcock International Group

Engineering Masters Programs to support Submarine Design and Maintenance:   Dr Margaret Law - Innovation Manager, ASC Pty Ltd

Delivering a World-Class Submarine Capability for Australia:   Ms Wendy Wates - Strategic Business Development, QinetiQ Pty Ltd

Managing the Transition from Construction to Support AVM Chris Deeble - Program Manager, Collins and Wedgetail, DMO

Facing the Technical Challenges of the Future Submarine - the Coalition's Perspective:   Senator the Hon David Johnston - Shadow Minister for Defence

Day 3 - Technical Papers




PAPER A-1 Electric Actuation of Outboard Submarine Equipments
Niall Skinner, Alan Bevan

PAPER A-2 Dynamics of the Swash Plate Mechanism
John F. Below, David A. Miloslavich

PAPER A-3 Innovative Solutions To Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Future Submarines
Eric Fusil

PAPER A-4 Electrohydrostatic Actuators For Control of Undersea Vehicles
Stephen P.Smith, P.E. Jerry Irving

PAPER A-5 A Search Method for Localising a Noise Source on a Submarine
Stewart Kanev, Ben Kidd

PAPER A-6 Submarine Manoeuvring and Appendage Design – What is the best option for a large SSK?
Martin Renilson

PAPER A-7 Human Factors and Habitability
Anders Folbert and Gary Swarbrick

PAPER A-8 Development of composite pressure vessels for submarine external stowage
Daniel J. Miller

PAPER A-9 Development of a Capability for Measuring Dewpoints at High Pressure for the Collins Class Submarine
James Gregor, Lars Nilsson


PAPER B-1 The need for a Systems Engineering and Architectural approach to the design of submarine Mission Systems
Michael Irrgang, David Glanville

PAPER B-2 Augmenting the AN/BYG-1 Tactical Control System - Building on the intrinsic Open Architecture and services
Ted Huber, Graham Smith

PAPER B-3 Developing Proven Submarine Combat System Technology to meet future Customer Needs
Michael Ozegowski, Philip Stanford *, Alfred Schulte

PAPER B-4 The Benefits of Wireless Networking Technology for use in Existing & Future Submarines
Martin Childs MIEAust CPEng

PAPER B-5 Networks of Underwater Systems
Craig R. Benson, Michael J. Ryan, Michael R. Frater

PAPER B-6 Virtual Ship Training and Information System for Submarines
Tom Reynolds, Markus Schuppert

PAPER B-7 High Capacity Underwater Communications
Craig R. Benson, Michael J. Ryan, Michael R. Frater

PAPER B-8 Periscopes and Optronics – Future Submarine Visual Systems
Adam Waldie

PAPER B-9 Outboard Acoustic Array Technologies
Tim Cain, Michael Clark


PAPER C-1 Designing for the Future - Modularity and Transformability in Submarine Design
Gunnar Öhlund, Dr Roger Berg & Per-Ola Hedin

PAPER C-2 Achieving the Goal of a Submarine Modular Mission Payload System
Sean Williams, Tim Whitten

PAPER C-3 Early Phase Availability Modelling
Dr Chris Edmonds, Ms Tammy Chau

PAPER C-4 Model-Based Systems Engineering and its Application to Submarine Design
Paul Pearce MEng MIEAust CPEng

PAPER C-5 Early Stage Tools for Submarine Design
Paul Plant BEng (Hons) MIMechE CEng

PAPER C-6 The S-80 Shipbuilding Program
Nicolás Monereo Alonso

PAPER C-7 An Integrated Data Environment for the Future Submarine Project in Australia
Malay Pal

PAPER C-8 Establishment of a new, cost effective submarine support capability in Canada
Michel Bouchard

PAPER C-9 Nuclear Submarines for Australia: A Hypothetical
John W Thornton, FIEAust; MIMechE; MIMarEST


PAPER D-1 Air Independent Propulsion based on Fuel Cells and Methanol Reforming
Peter Hauschildt

PAPER D-2 Electrical Platform and Fuel Cell based AIP Systems For Submarines
Dr. Albert Hammerschmidt, Dipl. Ing. Dieter Scholz

PAPER D-3 S-80 Submarines Air Independent Propulsion System
Donato Martínez Pérez de Rojas, Javier Brey Sánchez, Ricardo Egea, Carl Nunziato

PAPER D-4 S-80 Submarines AIP Land Base Test Site
Donato Martínez Pérez de Rojas

PAPER D-5    Naval Architecture Challenges for Integration of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles in Submarines
Eusebio-Ángel Martínez-Conesa, Dan Oakley

PAPER D-6 Design and Development of a Small, Low Cost Unmanned Underwater Vehicle for Shallow Water Operations
Nicholas Gover, Chris Hill, Khairul Alam, Tapabrata Ray and Sreenatha G. Anavatti

PAPER D-7 Design and Development of a “Six Inch Sub”
Joshua Fearnley, Tapabrata Ray

PAPER D-8 6-DOF Particle Filter Based Navigation System for AUVs
Andrew Lammas, Karl Sammut, Fangpo He

PAPER D-9 Utility of Virtualisation Technologies to Manage Submarine Combat System Obsolescence
David Culpin, Aaron Lindsell


Recent Developments in Submarine  Vibration Isolation and Noise Control
Carl Q. Howard

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