25th  Annual General Meeting - November 2023

The date/time/location of the 24th  Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the SIA will be advised IDC.

Attendance is restricted to members of the SIA whose subscriptions are paid to 30 June 2024 or later.  


The AGM agenda (which includes the link for the Zoom meeting) is only available from the Downloads section in the Members Area. The downloads are only accessible by financial members of the SIA.  Members who wish to attend the AGM but are not financial can bring their subscriptions up to date by logging in to the Members Area and renewing. Renewals effected using PayPal will provide instant access. Other payment methods will need to be made and applied (manually) by the Secretary before access can be granted.

Apologies and Proxies

Click here to register an apology and (if desired) assign a Proxy for the AGM.

If you still wish to lodge a signed Proxy (noting the extra administrative effort this takes), click here to download a copy of the Proxy Form (104 KB PDF).  This form can be completed on your screen and then printed for your signature.  Click on the fields to activate the data entry.

All Proxies are to be lodged with the Secretary no later than 24 hours prior to the AGM.

Committee Nominations

Click here to nominate or second a Candidate for a position on the SIA Executive Committee or to accept a nomination as a candidate.

Nominations (with proposer/seconder actions complete) for Committee positions are to be lodged with the Secretary no later than 7 days prior to the AGM .  The positions to be declared vacant are: President, Vice-President, 3-5 Ordinary Committee Members.


Click here to download a copy of the SIA Constitution (432 KB PDF).  The latest version is Issue 6 as amended following the 24th AGM (9 Nov 22).

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