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The weekly SIA All Round Look Newsletter editor uses a Meltwater media analysis tool to filter media articles of interest for distribution to SIA Members and ARL Newsletter recipients. A synthesis of information of interest. The operational term ‘All Round Look’ applies to the use of the periscope to conduct a 360 degree sweep of the sea surface to establish the proximity – and potential threat to the safety of the submarine, of vessels visible through the periscope.  A gathering of information of critical interest.

An article, by Dr David Parry (a perisher graduate and author of ‘Perisher: A Hundred Years of the Submarine Command Course’) looks at the genesis of the operational ‘All Round Look’, via this link.


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Vale CDRE Mick Dunne AM RAN (Ret):

27th July 1944 – 6th May 2024.

From the late 60s CDRE Mick Dunne AM was a strong, active and dynamic member of the RAN Oberon Class Submarine Force and a leader in the development of the conduct of RAN submarine operations.

 He joined the RAN Naval College in 1963, qualified in submarines in 1968 and passed ‘Perisher’ in 1977.  He commanded HMS FINWHALE on the submarine CO’s exchange posting in the RN and HMAS OTAMA in the RAN.  In the mid-80s he was appointed as Director RAN at the Australian Joint Anti-Submarine School: his special operations experience led to his later appointment as Fleet Submarine Operations officer. He was the Captain of HMAS STALWART, HMAS CEREBRUS and HMAS WATSON in the early 90s and subsequently Director General of Force Development (Sea). He was among a very small band of Naval Officers who could be called expert in maritime command and control. Following his Naval Career, he qualified as an Actuary and moved to Queensland to practice that profession.

Whilst in command of HMS FINWHALE, his management, assistance and control of a disaster at sea (a collision between two merchant vessels during very low visibility in the Gibraltar Straits) was highly regarded by the Royal Navy.  A keen sportsman throughout his life, Mick represented the Royal Navy in equestrian events.  He also played representative rugby and was a competitive squash player and golfer.

Mick is survived by his wife Barbara and children Michael, Matthew, Victoria, Rebecca and Sean. His funeral will be held on Thursday 6 June at 11:00am at St Peter Chanel Catholic Church, 41 Chaprowe Rd, The Gap Queensland.

Submarine Institute Welcomes AUKUS Submarines Announcement

The Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA) welcomes the announcement of the optimum pathway for the acquisition of Nuclear-Powered Submarines by Australia. The phased pathway balances the urgency of introducing this new capability to protect Australia’s sovereignty and prosperity with maintaining our submarine capability through Collins and introduction of the Virginia class, while allowing the time to develop the skills, infrastructure and fifth generation Australian workforce required to design and build the SSN-AUKUS," said Michael Fitzgerald, President of the Institute.


"The plan is achievable with continued trust between all three nations, bipartisan support and new levels of partnership, collaboration, innovation, and co-ordination across Government, industry, and academia."


“This announcement is just the beginning of a long and complex journey which will see the SSN-AUKUS designed with the US and UK and built in Australia to meet Australia’s needs. The SIA firmly believes that Australia has the capability and can develop the capacity to contribute to the industrial base of all three nations. Australia can safely build and operate nuclear powered submarines”.

“The SIA has been leading the debate on the importance of Australia’s submarine capability to its sovereignty and prosperity since its establishment in 1999. The SIA focussed on the benefits of nuclear-powered submarines at its inaugural nuclear seminar in October 2019. The SIA will continue to lead and promote informed discussion. The journey from Collins to SSNs will feature at our next Submarine Science, Technology and Engineering Conference (SubSTEC 7) to be held 18-20 September 2023 in Adelaide”. 

Media Release 14 March

AE1 Project Touchstone

The objective of AE1 Project Touchstone is to
recover a relic from HMAS AE1 to provide the centre piece of a national memorial/display in the Australian War Memorial (AWM).

The Current Situation

The Project is being managed by a not-for-profit organisation, the Australian E Class
Submarine Foundation Ltd, the same team who led the search for, and detailed
examination of, AE1 in 2017 and 2018.

The immediate priority is a Check Survey of AE1, utilising an ROV to obtain still and video footage to provide information on her.  More details via this link

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