Draft Program - 10 Aug

Draft Program - 10 Aug

Monday 18 November 2019
  -   8:00 16:30 Tour A Industry Tour - Henderson  Bus leaves from Esplanade Hotel
  -   8:00 16:30 Tour B Industry Tour - Universities  Bus leaves from Esplanade Hotel
      18:00 20:00 CTP

Opening Reception
Sponsored by MacTaggart Scott Australia

Fremantle Bathers Beach House
Tuesday 19 November 2019
Session Davies # Start End ID Author Subject
    7:30 8:15 Reg  Registration, Refreshments Indian Ocean Suite
1 Plenary   8:15 8:30 Open Mark Sander, Steve Davies Admin, Opening Remarks - Sirius/Pleaides
1 8:30 8:50 1-1 Hon Mark McGowan MLA - Premier of Western Australia Welcome to Western Australia
2 8:55 9:20 1-2 Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC - Minister for Defence Keynote Speech (invited)
3 9:25 9:50 1-3 VADM Michael Noonan AO CSC RAN - Chief of Navy Confirmed
- Q&A 9:50 10:00 1-Q&A Speakers from Session 1  
    1-A 10:00 10:30  Morning Session Break - sponsored by BlueZone Group Indian Ocean Suite
2 Plenary 1 10:30 10:55 2-1 DEPSEC Acquisition  
2 11:00 11:25 2-2 Dr David Kershaw, Chief Maritime Division, DSTG Confirmed
3 11:30 11:55 2-3 Mr Rex Hubbard, Chairman, Society for Underwater Technology,  WA Confirmed
4 12:00 12:25 2-4 Yannick Calliez, DGA Confirmed
- Q&A 12:25 12:35 2-Q&A Speakers from Session 2  
   1-L  12:35 13:35  Lunch - sponsored by JFD Global Indian Ocean Suite
3 Plenary 1 13:35 14:00 3-1 RADM Greg Sammut AO CSC RAN - Head Future Submarines Program Confirmed
2 14:05 14:30 3-2 CDRE Tim Brown RAN - Director General Submarines State of the Union
3 14:35 14:45 3-3 IMarEST  
- Q&A 14:45 14:55 3-Q&A Speakers from Session 3  
    1-P 15:00 15:25  Afternoon Session Break - sponsored by PGM Enviro Indian Ocean Suite
4 Plenary 1 15:25 15:50 4-1 Gold Sponsor  
2 15:55 16:20 4-2 CMDR Matt Butcher RAN - Class Lifecycle Engineering Officer, Submarine Force Headquarters Collins Class Submarines - Current Waterfront Issues
3 16:25 16:50 4-3 Richard Marles, MP - Shadow Minister for Defence The View from the Opposition (invited)
- Q&A 16:50 17:00 4-Q&A Speakers from Session 4  
      18:30 19:00 PDD Pre-Dinner Drinks Sponsored by Defence SA
      19:00 22:30 DIN Conference Dinner Available for Sponsorship
Speaker:  TBC

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Wednesday 20 November 2019
      8:00 8:45 AGM 21st AGM of the SIA  SIA Members only        
      8:30 9:00 Reg Single Day registration & Refreshments
Indian Ocean Suite
Session Davies # Start End ID Author Subject        
5 Plenary 1 9:00 9:25 5-1 Andrew Woods, Manager HIVE, Curtin University The use of 3D Imaging Techniques to Reveal the Wreck of HMAS AE1        
2 9:30 9:55 5-2 Ron Allum Innovation and Investment in the Sub-sea Environment:  A Case Study        
  Q&A 9:55 10:05              
    2-A 10:05 10:35 Morning Session Break - sponsored by JEDS Indian Ocean Suite



Davies  Sirius Submarine Strategic Capabilities and Sovereign Sustainment Morgan Pleaides Subsea Exploration, Sonar Developments & Oceanology
A 1 10:35 11:00 6A-1 Keith Joiner, Senior Lecturer, UNSW, Canberra Near-term Asian War: Impacts and Options for Australia's Submarine Program B 6B-1 James Kingston - Technical Lead - Defence, Matrix Composites & Engineering Everything you always wanted to know about Syntactic Foam* (*But were afraid to ask)
2 11:05 11:30 6A-2 Rodney Brown, Chief Engineer CCSM, ASC Collins Class Submarines - Today to Life of Type Extension (LOTE) 6B-2 Adrian Jones - Honorary Fellow, Defence Science and Technology Group Simple Description of Seafloor for Sonar Performance Estimates in Shallow Oceans
3 11:35 12:00 6A-3 Adam Waldie - Submarine Key Account Manager, Thales Australia Creating a Sustainable and Resilient Military Subsea Economy in Australia 6B-3 Stephen Brown, Senior DSP Engineer, Sonartech Atlas Pty Ltd Ping Stealing for Multistatic Sonobuoy Processing
4 12:05 12:30 6A-4 Peter Yinger - Director, L3 Technologies MariPro Maritime Training Range Status and Technology 6B-4 Govinder Singh Chopra - SeaTech Solutions International (S) Pte Ltd Designing Ships for Deep Sea Mining
Q&A 12:30 12:40 6A-Q Speakers from Session 6A 6B-Q Speakers from Session 6B
    2-L 12:40 13:40 Lunch - sponsored by HTR Group Indian Ocean Suite

Owen  Sirius Submarine Strategic Capabilities and Sovereign Sustainment Skinner Pleaides Subsea Exploration, Sonar Developments & Oceanology
A 1 13:40 14:05 7A-1 Quoc Do - Group Leader, Frazer Nash Consultancy Assuring the Future Submarine Program – The Systems Engineering Governance Framework B 7B-1 Darren Burrowes - Chief Technology Officer, BlueZone Group Methods and technologies for improving the performance of submarine launched bathymetric probes
2 14:10 14:35 7A-2 Amit Ray - Captain, Indian Navy Models and Choices for Submarine Acquisition and Construction Programmes 7B-2 Jone Stangeland - Country Manager, Equinor Exploring the Great Australian Bight
3 14:40 15:05 7A-3 Hans Egonsson - Program Manager, FMV Mid-Life Upgrade of the Swedish Gotland Class Submarines 7B-3 Yong Zhang - Senior Research Scientist, Defence Science & Technology Group The Subsea Soundscape off Western Australia
Q&A 15:05 15:15 7A-Q Speakers from Session 7A 7B-Q Speakers from Session 7B
  2-P 15:15 15:45 Afternoon Session Break - Available for Sponsorship Indian Ocean Suite
Davies   Sirius    Submarine Technologies & Automation Rusiti Pleaides Systems Engineering, Robotics & AUVs
A 1 15:45 16:10 8A-1 Bryon Calder, Research & Development Engineer, MacTaggart, Scott & Co. Ltd. Benchmarking Electric Actuation for Submarine Masts against Hydraulic System B 8B-1 Anders Ridley-Smith - Business Development Manager, BluePrint Lab Development of an advanced five-function robotic manipulator arm for sub-sea remotely-operated vehicles
2 16:15 16:40 8A-2 Andrew Davis, Technology Manager - EM Signatures, Ultra Electronics - PMES The Use of Actively Controlled Anodes in Free Flood Space to Minimise Corrosion Related Signature from Submarine Platforms 8B-2 Steve Buchan - Principal Technical Director, RPS MetOcean Evolution of Soliton Measurements and Modelling
3 16:45 17:10 8A-3 Martin Kulbartsch - Head of Regional Sales - Navy, Rohde & Schwarz (Australia) Pty Ltd Soveron - True independence is a choice 8B-3 Karl Sammut - Director, Centre for Maritime Engineering, Flinders University Trajectory Planning for Dynamic Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Docking
Q&A 17:10 17:20 8A-Q Speakers from Session 8A 8B-Q Speakers from Session 8B
  18:00 20:00 PPNS Poster Paper Networking Session - Indian Ocean Suite - Sponsored by BMT
Thursday 21 November 2019
    8:30 9:00 Reg Single Day Registration & Refreshments  Indian Ocean Suite

Morgan    Sirius   Submarine Technologies & Automation Davies Pleaides Subsea Industry, Workforce, Training, Certification & Classification
A 1 9:00 9:25 9A-1 Xavier Sebastiani - Sales & Application Engineer, Moog Australia Introducing Electrohydrostatic Actuation on Underwater Vehicle B 9B-1 Geoff Crittenden - Chief Executive Officer, Weld Australia The Technology Revolutionising Welder Training in the Subsea Industry
2 9:30 9:55 9A-2 Rebecca Brickhill, A26 Automation Lead Engineer, Saab Group Automation technologies and their impact on submarine control 9B-2 Eric Fusil - Director of Shipbuilding Hub for Integrated Engineering and Local Design, University of Adelaide Innovative training and R&D in Subsea technologies and engineering at the University of Adelaide
3 10:00 10:25 9A-3 Glen Richardson - Chief Technical Officer, Scientific Management International Breaking The Cycle Of Submarine Cable Failures and Enabling Future Systems through Optical Fibre Architecture 9B-3 Bill Docalovich - Program Director, Naval Shipbuilding College Creating a skilled, sovereign workforce for submarine construction and sustainment.
Q&A 10:25 10:35 9A-Q Speakers from Session 9A 9B-Q Speakers from Session 9B
  3-A 10:35 11:05 Morning Session Break - sponsored by APC Technology Indian Ocean Suite

Owen   Sirius    Submarine Technologies & Automation Skinner Pleaides Subsea Industry, Workforce, Training, Certification & Classification
A 1 11:05 11:30 10A-1 Ian Walters-  Head of Engineering, Hydro Group Plc Innovation and Investment in the Subsea Environment: Outboard Submarine Cable Design and Construction B 10B-1 Simon Di Nucci - Senior Safety Consultant, Frazer-Nash Consultancy Risk-Based Marine Certification
2 11:35 12:00 10A-2 Piers Lincoln - Institute Manager, IPAS Quantum Clocks and Magnetometers 10B-2 Mario McDonagh - Marketing Director, Screening On Site Protecting Sovereign Capability: Tackling Drugs and Alcohol for Sub-sea Industries from Design to Sustainment
3 12:05 12:30 10A-3 Larry Scuteri - Senior Engineer, PMB Defence Engineering Specifying and Evaluating Real World MSB Performance 10B-3 Amy Fernandes - Graduate Mechanical Engineer, ASC Pty Ltd Benefits of unconventional cross-industry engagement in the submarine environment
4 12:35 13:00 10A-4 Anders Wikstrom - Project Manager, Saab Kockums Li-ion batteries for conventional submarines 10B-4 Tobias Lemerande - Senior Sustainment Manager, BMT Competency Development and Skills Recognition for Submarine Life Cycle Management
Q&A 13:00 13:10 10A-Q Speakers from Session 10A 10B-Q Speakers from Session 10B
    3-L 13:10 14:10 Lunch - available for Sponsorship Indian Ocean Suite
Davies   Sirius    Submarine Technologies & Automation Rusiti Pleaides Submarine Escape & Emergency
A 1 14:10 14:35 11A-1 Jeremy Eastham - Junior Engineer, Sonartech Atlas Pty Ltd How to Train a Sonar Classifier using YouTube B 11B-1 Dominic Cosserat - SMERAS Systems Engineer, QinetiQ Switching from inboard vented to non-vented submarine tower escape based on submarine angle
2 14:40 15:05 11A-2 Peter Goldschmidt - Professor, The University of Western Australia, ALERT-KM Pty Ltd ARTAM – Adaptive Real-Time Alert Management System 11B-2 Joel Edney - Research Scientist, QinetiQ Predicted effect of ascent rate on probability of decompression sickness in submarine tower escape
3 15:10 15:35 11A-3 Mark Lankester - Systems Engineering Manager, Atlas Elektronik UK Open Systems - A Panacea? 11B-3 Andreas Kölsch - E64, Mechanical Components, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems Benefits of Upgrading Escape Systems
Q&A 15:35 15:45 11A-Q Speakers from Session 11A 11B-Q Speakers from Session 11B
    3-P 15:45 16:15 Afternoon Session Break - available for Sponsorship Indian Ocean Suite
Skinner    Sirius   Submarine Technologies & Automation Owen Pleaides Submarine Escape & Emergency
A 1 16:20 16:45 12A-1 Spare Spare B 12B-1 Toff Idrus - Managing Director, JFD Australia Global leading innovation in submarine rescue
2 16:50 17:15 12A-2 Spare Spare 12B-2 Scott Elson, CTO, L3 Oceania Underwater Search and Communications
3 17:20 17:45 12A-3 Spare Spare 12B-3 Spare Spare
Q&A 17:45 17:55 12A-Q Speakers from Session 12A 12B-Q Speakers from Session 12B
    Shut 18:00 18:10 Closing Remarks - SIA President Sirius

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