Program and Theme

Program and Theme


The theme of this year’s conference is Home Grown Undersea Technology – How Can Australian Academia and Industry Provide a Capability Edge?’ 


Monday 8th Nov: Industry and Academia Visits


Two bus tours are available as an optional addition to your SubSTEC registration: Osborne (WEST) and Tonsley (SOUTH).

The Osborne (WEST) tour will visit University of Adelaide, University of South Australia (UniSA), ASC and PMB Defence.

The Tonsley (SOUTH) tour will visit Flinders University Sage Automation, UniSA and University of Adelaide.
When registering for the Osborne (WEST) tour, additional security/nationality information will be required. Photo ID will be required for admission to ASC.  












Meet at ACC Nth Terrace


Meet at ACC Nth Terrace




Flinders University


Refreshments / travel



Travel / Refreshments


University of SA 




Lunch at Uni.SA



Lunch at Sage Automation


Drive to Osborne



Travel to city





University of SA


PMB Defence



Refreshments / Travel


Travel back to city



University of Adelaide


Drop off city



Drop off city



The visit to the University of Adelaide will involve a presentation at the university’s Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS).

The visit to the University of South Australia will involve a presentation at the university’s Human Centered Design Group - Submarine Control Room and Consoles.
The visit to the Flinders University will involve a presentation at the university’s Centre for Maritime Engineering, Control & Imaging.
ASC Pty Ltd, formerly the Australian Submarine Corporation, is an Australian government business enterprise involved with Australian naval shipbuilding, headquartered in Osborne, South Australia. It is notable for the construction and maintenance of the Collins-class submarine fleet.

PMB Defence is a leading supplier of high quality energy - and specialised engineering solutions - for submarine platforms. Formed in 1989, PMB Defence began with a sole focus on producing the Main Storage Battery for the COLLINS Class of submarines. Since 1989 PMB has continuously supplied Main Storage Batteries for the COLLINS Class, whilst growing an in-country engineering capability. This has progressively evolved to be a dependable supplier of engineering services, battery and niche product solutions for both current and future submarine capabilities. Its state-of-the art production, research and development and engineering facilities are situated at the heart of the Techport opposite ASC, the builder of Australia’s COLLINS Class submarines, and Air Warfare Destroyers.

SAGE delivers agile and innovative electrical control systems for the Australian Defence industry, including Defence Primes, Original Equipment Manufacturers and other SMEs.      SAGE has considerable experience in Naval, Air Force and land-based activities, The company has successfully delivered a broad range of end-to-end defence solutions.  It specialises in system integration of electrical control systems | LV switchboard & control panel manufacture | Set to work support | Through Life Support (TLS) | Data analytics | Training

ACC Floor Plan here:
Draft Program
SubSTEC6 - Adelaide Convention Centre - Monday 8th – Wednesday 10th November 2021 - Program Overview
Monday 8th Tuesday 9th Wednesday 10th
Time Event Time Room Event Time Room Event
0900 - 1600 University/Industry Site Visits and Tours for SubSTEC6 Conference Participants 0815 -1315 Panorama 1 & 2 Conference Opening/Plenary Sessions       
See detailed breakdown below
1315- 1400 Panorama Foyer Lunch sponsored by Acacia Systems 0845-0900 Panorama 1 & 2 Opening Comments & Admin
1400 - 1630 Strm A Panorama 1 & 2 Strm B Rm Panorama 3   Technical Presentations 0900-0930 Panorama 1 & 2 Gold Sponsor’s Address
(two parallel streams)  0930– 1230

Strm A Panorama 1 & 2

Strm B Rm Panorama 3

Technical Presentations
  (two parallel streams)
1630 -1700 Panorama 1 & 2 Shadow Minister for Defence 1230 - 1330 Panorama Foyer Lunch sponsored by Dassault Systemes 


1700-1715 Panorama 1 & 2 Sponsor Recognition 1330 - 1630

Strm A Panorama 1 & 2

Strm B Rm Panorama 3 

Technical Presentations
(two parallel streams)
1830 - 1900 Riverbank Rooms 5-8 Pre-Dinner Drinks sponsored by James Fisher Defence 1630 - 1650 Panorama 1 & 2

Reconvene, Summary and Close

Rebecca Brickhill, Chair SubSTEC6 representing

Student Poster Competition sponsored by Flinders University CDRE Mark Sander Rtd. SIA President
Presentation of Prizes  
1800 - 2000 Opening Reception - 1900- 2230 Riverbank Rooms 5-8 Conference Dinner  
Panorama Foyer  After Dinner Speaker  
  Professor Emily Hilder  
  Chief Maritime Division  
  Defence Science & Technology Group, ADO  
Time Room SubSTEC6 Tuesday 9th November Detailed Schedule
0730-0815 Panorama Foyer                                                                          Registration & Coffee (Sponsored by HTR Engineering)
Session 1 All Plenary Sessions in Panorama 1 & 2                                                                   SubSTEC6 Launch - Plenary
0815 - 0830 Welcome, Opening Comments, Admin CDRE Steve Davies RAN Rtd. (MC) and Rebecca Brickhill, Chair SubSTEC6 representingCDRE Mark Sander RAN Rtd. – President SIA
0830 - 0845 Welcome to South Australia Hon Steven Marshall MP – Premier of South Australia (invited)
0845- 0915 Keynote Address  Hon Melissa Price MP – Minister for Defence Industry
Session 2                                                                 Setting The Scene - Plenary       
0915 - 0945 State of the Union CDRE Tom Phillips RAN, Director-General Submarines. 
0945 - 1015 Collins Class - Life of Type Extension CAPT Daniel LeRaye RAN, Executive Director Collins Class LOTE.
1015-1045 Panorama Foyer                                                             Break sponsored by PGM Environment
Session 3  All Plenary Sessions in Panorama 1 & 2 Technology Innovation & Transition in Submarine/Undersea Warfare (USW) Science, Technology & Engineering - Plenary
1045 - 1115 Technology Innovation and Transition in Australia Prof. Catherine Foley PhD AO PSM, Australia’s Chief Scientist
1115 - 1145 Defence Strategy for Innovation, Science and Technology Dr David Kershaw PhD, Chief Science Engagement & Impact, DSTG
1145 - 1215 Defence Innovation and Industry Andrew Hodgkinson Assistant Secretary Defence Capability & Innovation, SPIG. 
1215 - 1245 ADO & Academia – Collaborative R&D – Innovative Maritime Programs Michael van Balen AO, Principal Australian Maritime College, UTAS
1245 - 1315 CCSM Capability: An Industry Perspective Paul Gay. Chief Operations Officer, CCSM - ASC
Time Room Event
1315 -1400 Panorama Foyer Lunch sponsored by Acacia Systems
Session 4 – Tuesday 9th November 2021 – Day 1 - Science & Technology
Session 4 Room   Title Presenter Room   Title Presenter
1400-1430 All Strm A 4A-1 Maritime Industry Research Past, Present & Future – Collaborations between Academia and Industry Prof Johnathan Binns All Strm B 4B-1 Remote Undersea Surveillance STaR Shot Dr Sam Davey
Presentations in Panorama 1 & 2 Australian Maritime College, UTAS Presentations in Room Panorama 3 DST Group, 
1430-1500   4A-2 Control System Integration in Underwater Vehicles for Complex Intervention

Peter Davis, Saab

Anders Ridley-Smith

Blueprint Lab


Prospects for Submarine Detection with High Frequency “Over-The-Horizon-Radar”

Prof Stuart Anderson

University College London (SA)



1500-1530   Afternoon Break, sponsored by Blue Zone Group, in  Panorama Foyer
1530-1600   4A-3

Sovereign Submarine Research Capability for Near Free Surface Hydrodynamics

Alexander Conway

Australian Marime College, UTAS (TAS)

All Strm B Presentations in Room Panorama 3




Partnering to develop a world-class Hydrodynamics Capability for Australia


Prof Martin Renilson

UTAS/Pacific ESI (TAS)

1600-1630   4A-4

An International Collaboration Benchmarking Target Echo Strength Theoretical Prediction Models and measurements on Scaled Submarine Shapes


Dr Nadine O’Brien


4B-4 ASW Sensors and the  Internet of Things (IoT)

Horden Wiltshire

Acacia Systems

Sessions  5, 6 & 7 – Tuesday 9th November 2021 – Day 1 - Plenary
Session 5 1630-1700 Panorama 1 & 2 The View from the Opposition The Hon Brendan O’Connor MP. Shadow Minister for Defence
Session 6 1700-1715 Panorama 1 & 2 Sponsor Recognition Rebecca Brickhill, Chair SubSTEC6 representing, CDRE Mark Sander RAN Rtd. – President SIA
Session 7 1830-1900 Riverbank Rooms Foyer Pre-Dinner Drinks sponsored by JFD Rebecca Brickhill, Chair SubSTEC6 representing, CDRE Mark Sander RAN Rtd. – President SIA
Student Poster Competition (sponsored by Flinders University) - Presentation of Prizes
Session 8 – Wednesday 10th November – Day 2 – Science & Technology
Session 8-1 0845-0900 Panorama 1 & 2 Welcome, Opening Comments, Admin CDRE Steve Davies RAN Rtd. (MC)
Rebecca Brickhill, Chair SubSTEC6 representing, CDRE Mark Sander RAN Rtd. – President SIA
Session 8-2 0900-0930 Panorama 1 & 2 Gold Sponsor’s Address Mr Gary Hale WA Defence Advisory Forum Representative 
0930-1000 All Stream A 8A-3

Risk Management for Emerging Submarine Technologies

Mick Warren (UK)

John Viskic (SA)

Frazer-Nash Consultancy

All Stream B Presentations in Room Panorama 3

Towards Undersea Operations of a Quantum Magnetometer for Undersea Surveillance

Dr Chris Perrella

University of Adelaide (SA)

Presentations in Panorama 1 & 2
1000-1030   8A-4

An Integrated Framework for Evaluating the Opportunities in Developing and Maintaining Australian Leading-Edge Submarine Capabilities

David Brown

Systems Planning & Analysis Australia Pty Ltd (ACT)


Lighting the Way – Operational Autonomy for Submarines Using Distributed Fibre-Optic Sensing and Prescriptive Analysis

Dr John Arkwright

Arkwright Technologies (SA)

1030-1100 Morning Break (sponsored by Jenkins Engineering Defence Services) in  Panorama Foyer
Session 9 – Wednesday 10th November – Day 2 – Science & Technology
1100-1130 All Strm A 9A-1

Next-Generation Integrated Photonic Sensors for Underwater Communications, Navigation & Awareness

Prof Warwick Bowen

University of Queensland (QLD)

All Strm B Presentations in Room Panorama 3

Assessing Space Requirements of Future Submarines at the Design Stage

Dr Francois Fraysse

Dr Peter Schumacher

University of South Australia (SA)

Presentations in Panorama 1 & 2
1130-1200   9A-2

Diamond-Doped Optical Fibres for Remote Undersea Magnetometry

Prof Brant Gibson

RMIT University (VIC)


Designing Submarine Habitable Spaces for Increased Productivity and Wellbeing

Dr Peter Schumacher

Prof Siobhan Banks

University of South Australia (SA)

1200-1230   9A-3

Recommendations for Sonar Tank Design and Low Frequency Behaviour

Dr George Raicevich

Sonartech Atlas Pty Ltd (NSW)


Optimising Submarine Sleeping Berths: Impact of Bunk Orientation and Motion on Sleep and Cognitive Performance

Prof Siobhan Banks

Dr Raymond Matthews

University of South Australia (SA)

1230-1330 Panorama Foyer Lunch Sponsored by Dassault Systemes 
  Session 10 – Wednesday 10th November – Day 2 – Science & Technology
1330-1400 All Strm A 10A-1

Underwater Networks for Connecting Robotic Autonomous Systems


Alessandro Ghiotto

L3Harris Technologies


All Strm B Presentations in Room Panorama 3

The Australian Research and Experimental Submarine (ARES) Program

Prof Eric Fusil

University of Adelaide (SA)

Presentations in Panorama 1 & 2
1400-1430   10A-2

Scrambled Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum Underwater Acoustic Communication System


Prof Peng Chen

Curtin University (WA)


Emerging Technologies to Support Noise Reduction in Submarine Systems

Norman Voss

IMI Critical Engineering (SA)

1430-1500 Panorama Foyer Break Sponsored by STAH Group
Session 11 – Wednesday 10th November – Day 2 – Science & Technology
1500-1530 All Strm A 11A-1

A High-Rate Reconfigurable Underwater Acoustic OFDM System Based on USRP and Python

Prof Yue Rong

Curtin University (WA)

All Strm BPresentations in Room

Panorama 3


Real-World Advice for Maximising Australia’s Submarine Main Storage Battery Capability

Greg Carmody

Pacific Marine Batteries Defence (SA)

Presentations in Panorama 1 & 2
1530-1600   11A-2 Feasibility of a Multi-Function Electronically Steered Array for Electronic Support and Communications in a Submarine Environment

Dr Adrian Sutinjo

Curtin University (WA)

New Generation of Active Antifouling Coatings for Preventing Marine Growth

Prof Mats Andersson

Flinders University (SA)

Tertiary Research Student Poster Competition (SPC) Sponsored by Flinders University
Title Presenter
Coordinated Trajectory Control Methods for Multiple Heterogeneous UUVs John Bennett, Flinders University
Reaching the Fundamental Sensitivity Limit of Optical Hydrophones Johnathan Hedger, University of Adelaide
High Frequency Magnetic Anomaly Detection for Anti-Submarine Warfare Kyle Netz, University of Adelaide
Strategies for Integrated Use of Simulation Tools for Development and Verification in Designing Human Spaces in Capsule Environments Simon Modra, UniSA, SA
Assessing and Training Human Perceptual Expertise for the Identification of Biosecurity Threats Varun Gandhi, Murdoch University, WA
Low-Observable Submersible Seaplane for Electronic Intelligence (LOSSEI) SBLT Nicolas Carroll ADFA/UNSW
Reduction of Risky Plume Induced by Submarine Mast Ahmed Shama ADFA/UNSW
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