Australian Submarines - A History


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The most complete history of Australian submarines from the first Government policy debates in 1910 through the many classes of submarine and the numerous people who served in them up to 2014.
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The book is in two volumes.
The 23 chapters in Volume I mainly refer to the historical developments of the Australian submarines from AE1 and AE2 in 1914 up to the current Collins class.
Volume II contains 33 appendices with detailed material about aspects of these submarines and a series of appendices on Australian, NZ and British submarine personnel and their lives and careers that has never before been published.
The main author is Michael White, a former submarine seaman officer and currently an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Queensland. He has been ably assisted by numerous people but the main contributors are:
Garry Mellon, a former submarine engineer officer and now an offshore oil and gas engineer currently based on the Queensland Sunshine Coast;
Barrie Downer, also a former submarine engineer and now an eminent submarine historian in the UK in Barrow-in-Furness;
Pat Heffernan, another former submariner and now a submarine researcher in Melbourne with an emphasis on WWII era;
Darren Brown, a submarine historian with an extensive collection of material from the British archives and an important collection of submarine photographs and postcards.

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