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ASC Pty Ltd - Bronze Sponsor

ASC is proud to support the SIA’s SubSTEC7 Conference.


ASC is Australia’s sovereign submarine sustainment company. We built and have sustained the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN’s) Collins Class fleet for the past 38 years, with the support of a predominantly Australian industry supply chain.


ASC continues to deliver world-class submarine availability to the RAN through its deep maintenance activities and is undertaking the Life of Type Extension Program, which will extend the life of all the six submarines into the 2040s.


ASC maintains a stable, sovereign supply chain for the Collins Class fleet which includes approximately 1,200 businesses across Australia. ASC has increased the Australian industry content in the Collins program from 70% during the build to over 90% during its sustainment.


ASC is contracted with the Australian Government to deliver the Sovereign Shipbuilding Talent Pool (SSTP). The SSTP was established to retain, grow and develop the shipbuilding workforce impacted by the Attack class submarine program decision. Retention of this skilled workforce is important to support the transition to build and sustain Australian’s future nuclear submarines.


ASC has also provided submariner training services to the RAN at HMAS Stirling in Western Australia for 30 years, training more than 1,000 submariners to date.


ASC’s skilled workforce of more than 1600 employees is based across ASC North in Osborne, South Australia and ASC West in Henderson, Western Australia.


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