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L3Harris Mission Systems Australia - Lanyards Sponsor

L3Harris Technologies established an industrial capability in Australia more than a decade ago, and now has offices in Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, and Adelaide. The organisation builds, delivers, maintains and supports complex systems and equipment in Australia, and directly supports the Australian government’s AIC strategy. L3Harris’ security accredited facilities and cleared personnel deliver Sovereign capabilities across a broad range of areas including: project management, software development, systems engineering, maritime systems integration, hardware design, analysis and simulation, safety case development, logistics and support services, manufacturing, and verification and test.
With specialist divisions across Australia and the world, L3Harris is able to provide cohesive solutions for Australian programs, and is an experienced supplier of submarine communication systems above and below water to the RAN. 
Perth-based L3Harris Mission Systems Australia (MSA) is a significant local and global leader in the provision of acoustic systems and solutions to the naval and maritime domains, particularly in the areas underwater acoustic signature measurement capability. The company now provides both fixed and portable acoustic signature and tracking ranges solutions, Integrated Navigation Systems and associated sensors including, through-water communication solutions for use at speed and depth, and innovative ASW intelligence and off-board sensors with real-time vulnerability analysis tools.
MSA recently upgraded the Collins Class Submarine (CCSM) external communications suite, designing, manufacturing, integrating, testing and providing logistic support, to ensure the CCSM remain on the cutting edge of operational capabilities. SEA 1439 Phase 5B2, Stages 1 and 2, addresses a growing number of obsolescence issues, delivers new operational capabilities including MTWAN, and integrates Wideband SATCOM into the boats.
L3Harris is well positioned to continue to support Collins and Australia’s Future Submarine program, with systems and technologies extending beyond the pure acoustic space to include periscope and mast systems, platform management systems, underwater valves, training and simulation systems, efficient electrical distribution system as well as tactical subsystems and sensors such as echo sounders, underwater telephone and towed arrays. 


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