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SIA Media Statement - HMAS AE1 Found


20th December 2017

Media Statement – 21 December 2017


Media statement from the President of the Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA), Mark Sander, about HMAS AE1 being found near Papua New Guinea:

“The fact that HMAS AE1 – Australia’s first submarine which was lost more than 103 years ago during World War 1 (Australia’s first loss in World War 1) – has been found is both a satisfying and sombre occasion.

“The thoughts of the submarine community are overwhelming with the relatives of the 35 crew members who were on board HMAS AE1 when it went missing.

“This is an incredibly important event for all submariners and Australia’s submarine history, indeed Australia’s war history.

“HMAS AE1 marked the formal commencement of Australia’s submarine capability, which is why the mystery of not knowing its fate and final resting place has been a missing link – until now.

“On behalf of the submarine community, the Submarine Institute of Australia is comforted that HMAS AE1 has finally been found.

“While HMAS AE1 has only just been found, it would be fitting if a special ceremony could be held at some stage in the near future to recognise those on board who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and the historical significance of locating the wreck.

“The SIA would like to thank everyone who supported the search for HMAS AE1, including the Australian Government through the Royal Australian Navy.

“The Institute is proud to have been involved in this project over the past 10 years with submarine technical advice, environmental and navigational analysis, as well as financial contributions.

“Australia will never forget the crew of HMAS AE1 who are on eternal patrol.”

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