Submarine Institute of Australia

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Current Projects

The Institute is currently pursuing the following projects:

  • Ensuring the preservation and presentation of the submarine HMAS AE2 located in Turkish waters in the Sea of Marmara, contributing to an informed debate on the wreck’s future, ensuring that AE2’s contribution to the Gallipoli campaign is duly recognised and developing an education project on AE2 to recognise the historical significance of her operations in WW1.
  • Contribution to the development of Defence Project SEA 1000 - Future Submarine Project - to succeed the Collins class submarine; the SIA project is entitled ‘SM 2020’.
  • Contributing to, and participating in, endeavours to recognise 100 years of Australian submarine activity.  Identification, recording, preservation and presentation of Australian submarine history. There are a number of locations where there are repositories of memorabilia - or museums where submarines are on display. The Submarine Institute wishes to support the coordination and high quality presentation of these entities.
  • Developing initiatives to increase the membership of the SIA.
  • Facilitation of an informed debate on the Collins class submarine.









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