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SIA Media Release - Release of report on HMAS AE1


13th September 2018

Media Release – 14 September 2018


Public statement from the President of the Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA), Mark Sander:

“The SIA and the submarine community salute the 35 men who were lost in HMAS AE1, Australia’s first submarine.

“They remain on eternal patrol.

“Though the loss of HMAS AE1 in 1914 near Papua New Guinea has been assessed as misadventure rather than from enemy attack, the outcome was just as tragic for the families of the crew of the submarine.

“Therefore, all matters relating to HMAS AE1 should be handled carefully so the sensitivities of descendant family members of the crew are thoughtfully respected.

“The SIA has considered the release of a report today which explains why the submarine was lost and does not consider that a fresh inquiry or investigation into the sinking of HMAS AE1 is needed.

“The major reason why is that submarine technology has evolved beyond the imagination of the men of HMAS AE1, however the dedication, courage and commitment of submariners today remains the same as that so bravely demonstrated by the crew of HMAS AE1.

“The comprehensive and rigorous training that modern submariners undergo is built on the lessons learnt from the pioneers of the early days of the Royal Australian Navy Submarine Force, including the men of HMAS AE1.

“The SIA was pleased to provide significant financial support which helped enable the search for HMAS AE1, culminating in it being located in December 2017.”

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