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10th December 2015


Initiatives to promote STEM literacy and greater collaboration between universities and business have been welcomed by the Submarine Institute of Australia.

The plans are part of a new National Science and Innovation Agenda, which has been unveiled by the Australian Government.

“The Government’s plan to encourage more students to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects is essential if Australia is to continue to be internationally competitive in fields where learnings in these subjects are vital,” said the Executive Director of the Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA), David Nicholls.

“Defence industries, including submarine design and manufacturing, are such fields.
“The SIA is very supportive of Re-Engineering Australia Foundation’s ‘Subs in Schools’ program and featured model submarine projects from leading South Australian schools at our recent Submarine Science, Technology and Engineering Conference in Adelaide.

“Moves to address Australia’s poor track record in comparison to other similar countries of the proportion of businesses which collaborate with research institutions are much needed.”

The SIA said the Future Submarine Program, for which proposals for design partner have just been submitted by three international contenders, should be a leading influence for innovation in Australia.

“Designing and building Australia’s new submarines – Australia’s largest ever defence investment – heralds a new approach to advanced project development and delivery in this country,” Mr Nicholls said.
“Continuous development in combat systems and sensors based on open architecture and commercial standards will be an integral part of the project.

“Proposals have recently been requested for a future submarine combat systems partner from two leading contenders.

“National collaboration will be critical if these projects are to deliver outcomes which are of the highest standard on a global basis.”

The SIA is committed to raising awareness of the role that design, manufacturing and sustainment of submarines plays in shaping Australia’s innovation agenda.

Further information:
Hamish Arthur
MCM Strategic Communications
+61 406 510 083                                                                                                   Ref: 15REL1211

The Submarine Institute of Australia is the nation’s premier organisation for the promotion of informed discussion and research in the fields of submarine operations, engineering, history and commercial sub-sea engineering, otherwise known as submarine matters.

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