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SIA Welcomes Commitment to 12 Submarines


24th February 2016

Media Release – 25 February 2016


Australia will present a credible, sustainable and continuous deterrent as a result of the Federal Government’s commitment to build 12 submarines in the new Defence White Paper.

That’s the view of the Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA), which has welcomed the release of the White Paper.

“A credible, sustainable and continuous deterrent includes the ability to ensure there are at least two submarines on patrol in Australia’s areas of strategic interest,” said the SIA’s Vice President, Mark Sander.

“Submarines are the only platforms that provide the Government with military response options in strategic areas of maritime operations where the Australian Defence Force does not control the sea and air space.

“Construction of the submarines in Australia, together with Australian logistic support, is essential to underpin this critical strategic capability.”

Mr Sander said there are other considerations for Australia’s submarines.

“A continuous build program will further strengthen the strategic credibility of the Australian submarine capability,” he said.

“It will allow the evolutionary development of the submarine force so that it can keep abreast of improvements in technology and innovation, and be cost-effective.

“It’s important that the Government avoids a ‘credibility gap’ up to the commissioning of the future submarines because our current fleet is facing more modern submarines which have matching or superior sensors and stealth.

“A continuous build also allows discrete increases to the rate of construction, should the strategic environment require.”

Further information:
Hamish Arthur
MCM Strategic Communications
+61 406 510 083                                                                                             SIA Ref: 16/REL/0225

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