Program Under Development

Program Under Development

The Program for SubSTEC4 is under development

The program is under development and will be published shortly.


Monday 13 November 2017
SubSTEC4 - Day 1
Session 1 - Industrial and University Laboratory Visits
Start Finish Session Activity Speaker, Venue etc
10:00 16:00 Visits Visits to Industry and Universities Various venues by bus
18:00 20:00 CTP Opening Reception  and Submarine Engineer of the Year Award: sponsored by MacTaggart Scott Australia Adelaide Convention Centre (ACC) - Foyer AB
Tuesday 14 November 2017
SubSTEC4 - Day 2
07:30 08:15 Reg Registration & Refreshments Foyer AB
Session 1 - Plenary Session (1) Hall A
8:15 8:30 Admin

Opening Comments and Admin

Mark Sander (SIA President) and Steve Davies (Master of Ceremonies)
8:35 8:45 Welc Welcome to South Australia Hon Jay Weatherill MLA. Premier of South Australia
8:50 9:15 1-1 Opening Address Hon Christopher Pyne MP - Minister for Defence Industry
9:20 9:45 1-2 Managing our Submarine Force: The Transfer from COLLINS to FSM Vice Admiral Tim Barrett AO, CSC, RAN - Chief of Navy
9:50 10:15 1-3 FSM - Sovereignty and the Supply Chain Rear Admiral Steve Johnson USN (rtd) - General Manager Submarines, Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group (CASG)
10:15 10:40 Break Morning Session Break sponsored ........... Foyer AB
Session 2 - Plenary Session (2) Hall A
10:45 11:10 2-1 Expanding and Managing the Shipbuilding Workforce - an Industry Perspective Megan Lilly - Head of Workforce Development Australian Industry Group
11:15 11:40 2-2 Expanding and Managing the Shipbuilding Workforce - a Union Perspective Andrew Dettmer - National President, National Secretary Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
11:45 12:10 2-3 'State of the Union' Commodore Tim Brown, RAN - Director General Submarines, Navy Headquarters
12:10 13:10 Lunch Luncheon Break sponsored by Forgacs Marine & Defence Foyer AB
Session 3 - Multi-Lateral Liaison Hall A
13:15 13:40 3-1 Sovereignty as a Facet of International Liaison Rear Admiral Greg Sammut, CSC, RAN - Head, Future Submarine Program, CASG
13:45 14:10 3-2 Technical Strategic Liaison
14:15 14:40 3-3 International interchange of a Skilled Workforce - Associated Issues Rear Admiral Steve Lloyd RN Rtd - former Program Manager, UK Astute and Successor Program [invited]
14:45 15:15 Break Afternoon Session Break sponsored by ........ Foyer AB
Session 4 - Preparing for the Future Hall A
15:35 16:00 4-1 Gold Sponsor's Address Michael Oliver - Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Australia
16:05 16:30 4-2

Observations from the Opposition

Hon. Richard Marles MP - Shadow Minister for Defence
18:30 19:00 PDD Pre-Dinner Drinks sponsored by ........... Panorama Foyer, Adelaide Convention Centre
19:00 22:30 AD Annual SIA Dinner sponsored by Defence SA
Dinner Wines sponsored  by PMB Defence
Panorama Ballroom
Dinner Speaker: The Hon Kim Beazley, AC (invited)
Wednesday 15 November 2017
SubSTEC4 - Day 3
07:30 08:15 AGM Annual General Meeting of the Submarine Institute of Australia Financial Members only Hall A
07:30 08:15 Reg Single Day Registration & Refreshments Foyer AB
Session 5 - Building on Experience (1) Hall A
08:20 08:25 Admin Opening Comments & admin Mark Sander, President, SIA and Steve Davies, Master of Ceremonies
08:30 08:50 5-1 Providing Adequate Shipbuilding skills for the future The Hon. ................................Minister for ..................
08:55 09:20 5-2 Sovereignty in Science Dr David Kershaw, CMOD Defence Science & Technology Group (DSTG)
09:25 09:50 5-3 From Collins to FSM - learning from Oberon to Collins RADM Peter Briggs AO CSC RAN Rtd - former President, Submarine Institute of Australia
0950 10:20 Break Morning Session Break sponsored by APC  TechnologyFoyer AB
Session 6 - Building on Experience (2) Hall A
10:25 10:50 6-1 M. Gerard Autret - Chief Technical Officer, DCNS Australia
10:55 11:20 6-2 Dr Hans Ohff PhD - former CEO ASC
11:25 11:50 6-3 CDRE Paul Greenfield AM RAN Rtd (invited)
11:50 12:50 Lunch Luncheon - Available for Sponsorship Foyer AB
Sessions 7-8 - Streamed Technical Papers
Stream 7A - Strategic Capability Enhancements Hall A Stream 7B - Supply Chain & Asset Management Room E1
12:55 13:20 7A-1 Post-graduate Submarine Design Courses - A Unique Catalyst for Australian Engineers Éric Fusil - Future Submarine Program, ASC 7B-1 Integrating Research, Education & Manufacturing Roger Binns - Associate Dean (Research), Australian Maritime College, Uni of Tasmania
13:25 13:50 7A-2 Submarine Rolling RDT&E Adrian Depetro - Modelling & Decision Support Lead, BMT Design & Technology 7B-2 Supply Chain Lessons Learnt Tanya Pimblett - Supply Chain Manager, ASC
13:55 14:20 7A-3 Maintaining Sovereign Capability Noman Dong - Senior Engineer, Thales Underwater Systems 7B-3 Applying Asset Management to sustain a Multiclass Fleet Tobias Lemerande - CCSM Fleet Maintenance & Modernisation Manager, ASC
14:25 14:50 7A-4 Sovereignty in a Resource-Constrained Environment Graeme Dunk 7B-4 Submarine Collaborative Working Environment Sean Williams - Babcock Pty
14:50 15:20 Break Afternoon Session Break - Available for Sponsorship Foyer AB
Stream 8A - Maintenance & Sustainability Hall A Stream 8B - Future Systems Forecasts Room E1
15:25 15:50 8A-1 Fatigue & Dive Cycle Assessment for Collins Class Submarines Luke Cannata - Lead Engineer, ASC 8B-1 Cross-Platform Challenges Andrew Davis - Technology Manager, Ultra Electronics - PMES
15:55 16:20 8A-2 Sustainability supporting Submarine Maintenance Mitchell Bacon - Environment Advisor, ASC 8B-2 Hybrid Submersible Frigate Chris Skinner - Editor, Australian Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering
16:25 17:20 8A-3 Equipment Long-Term Support Management Concept Philippe Novelli - Managing Director, ECA Group 8B-3 Lightweight Mechanism for building Heavyweight Systems Ted Huber - Managing Director, Acacia Research
17:25 17:50 8A-4 ASC Collins Class Submarine Maintenance Capability Improvement Tim Hosking - Business Improvement and Transformation Manager, ASC 8B-4 Submarine Concept Design Presented by the Author of the Winning Student Paper - University of Adelaide Submarine Design Course
18:00 20:00 Poster Networking Session and Poster Papers  Featuring University of Adelaide Submarine Design Course - sponsored by Nova Systems Foyer AB
Thursday 13 November 2017
SubSTEC 4 - Day 4
07:45 08:40 Reg Single Day Registration & Refreshments Foyer AB
Technical Keynote Address Hall A
08:45 09:10 Key Defence Research and Education at the University of Adelaide, a Fundamental Input to Capability Professor Michael Webb - Director Defence & Security, University of Adelaide
Sessions 9-12 - Technical Papers
Stream 9A - Submarine Safety & Materials Hall A Stream 9B - Submarine Combat Systems Room E1
09:15 09:40 9A-1 Improving the effectiveness of submarine emergency surfacingLanger Dr Thomas Langer - Airbus Safran Launchers GmbH 9B-1 A Lightweight Mechanism for building Heavyweight Systems Ted Huber - Managing Director, Acacia Research
09:45 10:10 9A-2 Cyber Security Challenges Dr Keith Joiner - Senior Lecturer, Test & Evaluation, University of NSW 9B-2 ASC Combat Systems Integration Josep Gudayol - FSM Principal Engineer FSM, ASC
10:10 10:40 Break Morning Session Break - available for Sponsorship Foyer AB
Stream 10A - Platform Hall A Stream 10B - Optronics Room E1
10:45 11:10 10A-3 ASC Materials Capability Ingrid Brundin - Specialist Materials Engineer, ASC 9B-3 Interia-Vision Hybridization - New Perspectives for Submarines Dr Pierre-Olivier Nougues - Safran
11:15 11:40 10A-4 Remote Identification of Materials Dr Jim Byrnes - President, Prometheus Inc. 9B-4 Submarine Outboard Electro-Optics Douglas Whyte - CEO Hydro Group plc
11:45 12:10 10A-5 Improving Toughness of Composites Steve Barlow - Managing Director, Airspeed 9B-5 Submarine Visual Systems John MacDonald - Head of Naval Optronics, Thales UK
12:10 13:10 Lunch Luncheon Break - Available for Sponsorship Foyer AB
Session 11A - Platform Technologies Hall A Stream 11B - Acoustics and Sonar Room E1
13:15 13:40 11A-1 Design & Challenges of Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Adrian DePetro - Modelling & Decision Support Lead, BMT Design & Technology 11B-1 ASC CCSM Digital Environment Gavin Hamilton - Chief Technology Officer, ASC
13:45 14:10 11A-2 From Space to the Deep Sea Thomas Muerling - Director of Global Defense and Security, Teledyne Marine 11B-2 Within and Beyond ASW Adam Waldie - Product Manager Submarines, Thales Australia
14:15 14:40 11A-3 Submarine Tank Inspection Robots Rowan Pivetta - PhD Student, Flinders University 11B-3 Water Column Effects on Sonar Dr Adrian Jones - DST Group
14:40 15:10 Break Afternoon Session Break - Available for Sponsorship Foyer AB
Stream 12A - Submarine Materials Hall A Stream 12B - Signature and Acoustics Room E1
15:15 15:40 12A-1 Electro-Actuation of Submarine Control Surfaces Steven Brown - Development Manager, MacTaggart Scott Ltd 12B-1 Specifying & Assessing Submarine Signature Performance across the Platform Lifecycle Jonathan Carter/David Miles - Atlas Elektronik UK
15:45 16:10 12A2 Submarine Escape: Hood Inflation System Development Program Trevor Charsley - Hale Hamilton 12B-2 Reduction of Emitted Vibrations Murdo Matheson - R&D Enginner, MacTaggart Scott Ltd
16:10 16:15 Shift Leg-stretch while Room E1 moves Shift Move to Hall A
16:20 16:30 Shut Closing Remarks Mark Sander - President, Submarine Institute of Australia Hall A





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