KHADS - Bronze Sponsor

KHA Defence Solutions harnesses the expertise and experience of the two international corporations as a joint venture between Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) – one of the world’s premier science, technology and engineering companies and HII – a global engineering and defence technologies provider, widely known as America’s largest naval shipbuilder.

As Australia enters a new era of defence recapitalisation and AUKUS, the experience and expertise that KHA Defence Solutions can offer Australia is unrivalled. From sophisticated workforce planning to nuclear build, maintenance and regulatory environment experience.

KHA Defence Solutions is ready to support Australia’s growth and sovereignty in defence. We are responsible for the management and operation of the Naval Shipbuilding College (NSC), an Australian Government Initiative. The NSC is effectively delivering innovative workforce development initiatives to address what defence considers to be the single-largest risk to the success of the naval shipbuilding program – workforce development.

Under this contract KHA Defence Solutions are providing a service and outcomes that had never been delivered anywhere else in the world.



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