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L-3 Oceania - Lanyards Sponsor

L-3 Oceania is proud to sponsor the lanyards at the 9th SIA Biennial Conference 2018

L-3 Oceania is a well-regarded Australian Company that, through the consistent pursuit of excellence and passionate people, delivers complex programs for the high technology undersea and broader Defence domains in Australia.

L-3 Oceania is acknowledged as a leader in the development and provision of acoustic systems and solutions in Naval programs specifically in the areas of through-water communications and Acoustic Tracking & Measurement Ranges.

L-3 Oceania has been engaged with the Australian Collins Class submarines through the development and delivery of a unique underwater Acoustic signature capability. Subsequently, this responsibility has been extended to provide both fixed and portable acoustic signature and tracking ranges solutions as well as the inclusion of Integrated Navigation Systems and associated sensors, through water communication solutions for use at speed and depth, the development of innovative ASW intelligence and off board sensors with real time vulnerability analysis tools.

L-3 Oceania is and L-3 Communications Company (NYSE:LLL) and, as such, enjoys the ability to reach back to and work with its sister companies and harness their specific submarine systems expertise.  This serves to provide International solutions for Australian programs along with the growth of local development and capability; this applies to the current Collins Class that ensures a highly capable pathway to the Future Submarine.  Systems and technologies extend beyond the pure acoustic space to include periscope and mast systems, platform management systems, training and simulation systems, efficient electrical distribution system as well as tactical subsystems and sensors such as echo sounders, underwater telephone and towed arrays. 

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