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Bringing discussion and research to the surface
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Bringing discussion and research to the surface

Welcome to the home page of the Submarine Institute of Australia.

Established in 1999 and now widely recognised as the premier independent source of advice on submarine matters in Australia, the SIA has a vision that builds on the upcoming centenary of submarines (1914-2014).

Contrary to the first 100 years of submarines in RAN history when their participation in the Navy was periodic, the second 100 years requires a very determined and successful approach to sustaining and growing the submarine capability.

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Submariners to lead the ANZAC Day Parade in the Centenary Year

23rd April 2014
Submariners will lead the Perth ANZAC day parade this year, as 2014 is the centenary of Australian Submarines. [more]

SIA adds new books to the SIA Shop

14th April 2014
Two new books have been added to the SIA Shop:
'Stoker's Submarine' has been updated and re-launched including detail on the mystery of AE1.
'Century of Silent Service' is co-authored by SAI members Graham Seal and Lloyd Blake and includes stories of Australia's submarines and the people who operate them.

Time for Decision on Future Submarines

11th April 2014
David Johnston revealed his 'vision' for the Future Submarine force yesterday - but we are still a long way from a decision. [more]



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