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Executive Committee

Code of Ethics

Each member of the SIA Executive Committee has agreed to abide by a Code of Ethics which can be downloaded here.

Committee Membership

The SIA Executive Committee comprises:


Mark Sander

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About this person
Mark is a former submarine commanding officer with experience in the Navy and DMO. He is now a senior manager with Sonartech Atlas.
Vice President

Michael Deeks

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Mike is a former Submarine Force Commander and President of the SIA. He is based in WA and is the Managing Director of Forgacs Marine & Defence.

Frank Owen

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Frank is a submariner with specialist expertise in submarine rescue. He is employed by DCNS Australia Pty Ltd as Supply Chain Manager.

Michael Fitzgerald

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Michael is a former submarine officer who is now employed as a senior manager for Jacobs Australia, a company that provides professional services to Defence and other clients. Michael is also a member of the RAN Reserve.
General Committee Member

Andrew Davies

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Dr Andrew Davies has been with ASPI since 2006. He has written extensively on ADF capability and force structuring issues, including platform options for air and maritime combat, industry issues, decision-making in the Department of Defence. He has an ongoing interest in the future submarine and joint strike fighter projects, and his work on both has made an important contribution to the public understanding of those projects here and abroad. Before joining ASPI, Andrew was a post doctoral fellow in physics at Melbourne University and the ANU. He then spent twelve years in the Department of Defence in the areas of capability analysis and intelligence.
General Committee Member

Eric Fusil

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Eric is an engineer employed by ASC Pty Ltd. A former member of DCNS in France, Eric migrated to Australia a few years ago.
General Committee Member

Terence Roach

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A former submarine commanding officer, Terry represents Lockheed Martin, MacTaggart Scott, Aveva, Polyamp and Rix
General Committee Member

Chris Skinner

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Chris is a retired Weapons Electrical Engineering Officer with an abiding interest in submarines that started with the Oberon class Submarine Weapons Update Program [SWUP].

He also lived and worked within HMAS Platypus.
General Committee Member

Katherine Ziesing

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Katherine Ziesing is the Editor of the Australian Defence Magazine. She joined the ADM team in 2006 as a staff writer and was appointed editor in Canberra at the beginning of 2008. While she has a background in business journalism and economics, she has also developed a keen interest in the worlds of simulation and the digital battlefield thanks to the exposure that ADM has given her into the world of Defence. She has completed a Masters of Strategy and Policy at the University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

Katherine is also a board member of the Sir Richard Williams Foundation, a strategic think tank on Air Power and Defence issues. She also acts as the Treasurer and web master for the Defence and Security Media Association, a group of Australiaâs leading Defence and Security journalists. She is a regular contributor to The Australian, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute's The Strategist blog and a Taurus.
Executive Director (ex-officio committee member)

David Nicholls

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David is MD, Nicholls & Nicholls Consulting Pty Ltd and Partner, Ranicar & Nicholls Consulting Pty Ltd. He is a former submarine commanding officer.







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